Wednesday, June 25, 2014

MST3K Barbies

A few years back I went on a photoshopping binge creating cool Barbies people wish were real. Most of them were role playing related but I had to do an MST3K themed one. (it's in my contract with satan)

Thus I created a Joel one. I am not choosing in the great Mike v Joel debate, it was easier to find a red jumpsuit and throw a gizmonic patch on. That's all.
But that is Joel without the mads?
Then I realized, I really need to do the mads from the Sci-Fi era. They deserve the same plastic mattel love. So I created Pearl, Professor Bob, and Brain Guy:
Pearl's face is actually off of an Ursula doll because come on, she'd totally be Queen of the Sea if given a chance. I went scrounging for a Planet of the Apes mask to mimic Bobos. But the hardest to find was a stinking hooded cowl. It was so annoying Brain Guy got the Mr. B treatment.

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