Friday, August 14, 2015

Big Lots Halloween

After a bust at JoAnnes, I was shocked to find the beginnings of Halloween at Big Lots.

There are the usual chunk of signs that are super cutsey and a few where someone found an old anatomy book and slapped it in front of some text.

 Big Lots is usually good for a few weird lights. These aren't the strongest but man are they loud. You could hear the edison flickering from across the store.

If you wanted to hang the most disinterested skull ever on your door, here you go:

This eyeball doorbell's kinda cool though. A little cheesy but not bad:

But by far my favorite was this magic orb. It chatters like crazy (of course) but you can shut that damn thing off. The only downside is that it's sound activated so you have to clap to get it to light up.

You can hear a line from the ball that's then repeated by the raven. It'll also keep you from wanting one of those birds.

And, finally, if you're looking for a skeleton cat with a broken jaw flapping in the wind look no further:

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