Saturday, August 1, 2015

Michaels Halloween

It's the first weekend in August and we all know what that means! I would be going to Yankee Candle's halloween preview if they didn't move it to the end of the freaking month! AAAHHHH!!!!

Luckily, Michaels is here to satiate my incurable thirst!

Their Lemax stand it looking more and more anemic with each passing year.

The eatery was kinda cute:

And it's hard to screw up a creepy old barn:

But my favorite was the pair of skeletons having a little grill:

So much so I brought one home:

There's an aisle of the same old stuff from last year: bottles covered in puns and glitter, skulls covered in glitter, severed arms (surprisingly not covered in glitter). But this also seems to be the year of skeleton. YES!

We are not drinkers and mostly use our wine rack to store lego figurines, but god damn do I want this thing:

Even this giant skull has a more macabre feel than normal. And look, no glitter!

There's a nice understatement to the raven atop some books under glass. It's not something I can use, but I can see a lot of other people wanting one. It looks classy with a gothic Poe style:

Okay, what really made the snow globe is that it's full of tiny black bats. How cute is that?

There are also some beakers filled with candles. The candles stink like lip smackers melted in a glass, but if you need a lab setting and don't want to place a Fisher order, here ya go:

Now we come to the absolute highlight of the store. FROG SKELETON!



They're not even $3 and are pretty sturdy for that cheap a price. Nothing as fancy as my new dog, but god damn do I love my frog skeleton. I love it so much I got two, and may get some more.

In fact, I can't stop screaming frog skeleton at the top of my lungs. FROG SKELETON!

So that's a sampling of what I found cool at Michaels. It's a bit less of the classic stuff so far. More than likely more will appear somewhere post labor day, but it's not bad. Go on and check out the bones section.


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