Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Pic of New Doctor Who Season

The BBC has released our first look at the new season of Doctor Who. In an exclusive, I've obtained the direction from behind the camera:

Clara, ignore the explosion behind you. It's not important. Your own life means nothing compared to the charismatic power that is the man dragging you out of the death he just caused. Stare at the Doctor as if he's not just your messiah, guardian angel, and titan rolled into one; he's the sexiest man you've ever seen. Your love sickness is so tragic, if he let go of your hand you'd fall to your knees and instantly die out of heartbreak. But you know he'd never do that, because he is truly the greatest man to ever walk the galaxy. And you, Clara, are hopelessly in love with Steven Moffat. I mean the Doctor. You're in love with the doctor. There is no man that can compete with your love for....the Doctor.

Doctor, you're a douchebag with a god complex who thinks he can be a complete ass to everyone he meets and still have them love him. Good, great job!

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