Friday, October 16, 2015

iZombie: Zombie Bro

iZombie either does episodes that are light on the murder and heavy on their awesome zombie mafia/breaking Major/evil Red Bull CEO or it's all the brain of the week with little of the best parts. This episode, however, was somehow an almost 50:50 mix and it worked.

We also got a nice twist on the brain of the week that I didn't see coming.

So let's get to it.

We open at a frat party (yeah, I know, but bear with me). Apparently Netflix must have just gotten Animal House because these 20 somethings all decided to recreate it, even going so far as having our brain of the week dressed as Caesar. But, out of nowhere a blue muskrat wearing a sea captain's hat shows up and stabs Caesar to death. Round up that Captain and maybe Tennille as an accomplice. 

While standing over the body Ravi says: "He came, he saw, he was stabbed several times by a small cylindrical object."

This is why you don't dress like Caesar, you're just asking to get stabbed forty times in the back. Come on frat guys, you should really use common sense and have a friend watch your back for stab wounds during the night. Maybe if you didn't dress so roman emperory, people wouldn't feel the animalistic urge to stab you in the back. I'm just giving you sound advice here.

Back at Blaine's Mortuary and Buffet, my all time favorite villain is plotting how to expand his utopium business. Seems there's someone named Mr. Boss? (possibly Voss, though Mr. Boss is better. He's so awesome he doesn't care he's got a stupid name) that's got the entire town under his drug running and other evil machinations thumb. It's Kingpin but without the pathos or Vanessa.

Blaine's got a bunch of new drug runners to do his work while he stays in the shadows, and after assurances that he'll watch out for them, he sends them out into the wide world. Don E's back, confirming my suspicions that this was our poor Scott E's twin brother. Blaine, probably bored, asks why Don E had Scott E (not a single Star Trek joke? Not even now. Sadness) committed.

Don E: "He thought zombies were running around Seattle."
Blaine, while introducing Don E to a zombie noshing on a corpse's brains: "That's just silly, sometimes they loiter."

Back to the brain of the week, which has Liv shouting Dude and Bro a lot (I wouldn't make a drinking game out of the bro count unless you are mortal enemies with your liver). Clive's doing his thing and figured out that our dead Caesar was normally named Chad because of course he was. Nothing good comes from someone named Chad. This Chad was particularly horrific with his love of "pranks" or as the Geneva convention calls them "cruel and unusual torture."

He buttered some guy's floor so he'd fall and probably fracture a few bones just for daring to have a higher body fat content than other people. We also get our first zombie vision of Chad doing a keg stand and having one of the frat brothers run up and say he ruined his life. Seems our prankster had the kid, as a pledge, jog naked in front of an elementary school, so now he has to register as a sex offender.

This was a quick red herring as it was mostly to establish that Clive is one of the best detectives on tv. Really. I feared most of this episode would be them figuring out Caesar was stabbed by wacky costume and Liv would have to zombie vision it, but nope, Clive just flicks through naked joggers instagram photos and figures it out himself. Sometimes I think he just keeps Liv around because Clive's a masochist.

As they're leaving the house, after Liv's practically high fived all the dude bros, he says to her: "You're like that box of chocolates in Forrest Gump. I never know what I'm gonna get."


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