Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy as a Buzzing Thing

I've been busy like a little bee attempting to take over the world (I'm trying to pitch the script but everyone just keeps saying Jerry Seinfield and shudder uncontrollably).

First on the soap front. Someone who purchased one of our lungs contacted me asking if she could get a mirror image of the one she'd bought. Well, the thing is we didn't have a mold at that point.

But no matter I put my husband to work and tada now we have a double lung option for anyone that wants it. And it couldn't have come at a better time, for less than 24 hours after the mold was finished someone else contacted me wanting 12 lungs!

Twelve lungs to one mold = one major headache. But with two molds suddenly making 12 lungs doesn't seem so bad. I am clearly trying to delude myself but it's actually been a lot of fun, at least it was right up until I ran out of dye:
Here's my line of lungs completed so far. You can see from the side that I tried to use a different dye but alas the lungs came out more red than hot neon pink. So the 12 lungs shall have to wait til I can get in a trip to the Hobby Store.

But digging up sudsy body parts isn't all I've been up to (I have to be on so many FBI watch lists by now). I've also been painting like mad.

I got a wedding dress from someone who saw my feature on Offbeat Bride back in July. It turned out pretty cool because I got to include a tree in the background and a sort of foresty look:
I had to put my ongoing mountain project on the back burner while I finished up the wedding dress in time but now that it's done and on its way today I was finally able to finish up what I've been slowly working and building on for the past two weeks.
The mountains and the trees were created using my trusty pallet knife to give it some cool texture. Which also meant it would take hours for each part to dry before I could add the next layer.

And because I still like to make sure my pendant making skills aren't rusty here's a raven flying through the air.
And that's what I've been up to for the past week or so. Posting's been a bit light because all my creative juices had to be fed into the paint machine instead.

I know, instead of the bee movie I'll pitch a script where people are used to feed machines but they aren't aware of it. I'll call it The Grid.

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Chesney said...

I love your wedding dress w/ the tree - one of the best yet! Also that mountain scene is just keep getting better and better!