Friday, May 14, 2010

Bye bye Brain

It's been a long week. For two days I watched a 5 year old as his mother had work stuff to do which included a night staying over.

It was his first time away from any family so things didn't go so well. There was a lack of any fun kids to play with, an overabundance of a puppy who only knows to play by jumping and a cold wet dreary outside world no one wanted to go into.

I captured the experience in twitterville and also a few pictures here and there. It's, I'm sure, a very entertaining read for anyone who has children and a chilling vision of what's to come for anyone who doesn't.

As I'm still trying to revive myself and my brain that was rotted on cartoons (I can never look at another crappy CGI "Can you spot the yellow zebra" treat the audience like they just got a lobotomy cartoon ever again without shrieking in horror) here's a little something the boys whipped up in the lab.

What if Hell used Stationary.
It's perfect for birthday's, Christmas, labor days, and any other holiday where you want to thank that special someone for letting you have a taste of their soul.

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