Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does the Magic Lasso make pixles never lie

One of the nice things about having a new laptop that has more memory than an old gameboy cartridge means I can at nonexcrutiatingly jell-o time use my new photoshop program (from 2006).

I'm finally familiarizing myself with all the new buttons and fancy whatchamacallits and doodads.

What does this all mean for you? All those goofy little inside jokes, random brain flights of fancy, and just general ways to waste time can now be wrenched from my brain and put to an approximation of what I was thinking.

And the best part, instead of taking 3-4 hours of my meticulous trimming, cutting, manipulating and erasing by hand it's now more of a 30 minute wham bam, thank you ma'am. Leaves lots more time for studiously avoiding that commissioned painting.

Anyway, I thought someone might enjoy some of the recent photoshop endeavors I've gotten myself talked into.

This was something born out of a dull car ride with my husband (as are about 73% of all my crazy ideas, we should really go to more exciting places or on racing camels).
You could call it an observation on the fact that while people claim that the airbrushing of smaller and smaller models has lead to a fantasy view of women's bodies in fact society has demanded women go to such extremes as squishing vital organs in the name of beauty for a long time.

Or I just wanted to use the horrible pun. Take your pick.

Dungeons & Dragons seems to be partnering with just about anything it can find. From Jones Soda to a game sound track from a company that specializes in Halloween music.

What if D&D were to team up with something a bit more mainstream? Thus was born the affair between Dungeon divers with Dragon hunters and fortune cookie Dove Chocolate Promises.
Finally, because no post of mine is complete without a painting. Here's one of a dark summer night:
And that's my humble contribution to the wild world web of interneting people. Hope you enjoy it all Library of Congress, suckers.

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Linda said...

Since Tai works for Wizards I'll pass on your D&D idea :)