Friday, November 11, 2011

Easy Cheesy Enchiladas

First Happy Oh look the date's doing that thing again. Only one or two more years until we can stop doing this crap.

Ooh! We should all play the lottery and get married and prepare for the alien invasion.

All done? Okay good, now we can get to the meat of the matter. Red peppers (as well as Green and Yellow - I don't discriminate) are pure evil. They do things to my internal organs that would be outlawed by even the spider people on Rigel 7. If I consume even a tiny bit part of me hurt that I didn't think could feel pain or existed.

So I am cautious around a lot of wrapped foods, or anything that has those bright shiny chunks of evil crunchy death. (This is also true of relish and 1000 Island dressing, a Reuben is a Weapon of Mass Destruction around me) but damnit sometimes one just wants an enchilada. Luckily I found a fairly easy and okay not that quick way to make my own that is super flavorful without any death peppers.

It starts easily enough by cutting up some chicken breasts into edible pieces that fit nicely inside things like mail slots. Add those, a couple teaspoons of oil and some onions if you like to a skillet to depinkify.

About a minute before the chicken is done toss in 2-3 teaspoons chili powder, 2 teaspoons paprika, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, some Tabasco and anything else to bring the heat if you want.
Drain that because no one wants soggy enchiladas (if you do there is something seriously wrong with you, go sit in the corner until you figure out what it is).

Fold, stir and gooify in 3/4 cup of sour cream and cheese (I used a Mexican mix but I imagine just about anything other than velveeta would work. If you want to use velveeta you know where to go sit)
Now's a good time for another taste test. A dash of salt or pepper to brighten the flavor or even a dash of vinegar.

Take your ooey gooey chicken stuff and plop some down into a tortilla:
No, that's way too much. What? Is your spatula bigger than your eyes? Start over and try again.
Much better. Roll them up into adorable little bundles and place in OCD rows inside of a pre-greased dish:
Now to bloody this thing up. Drench them in Enchilada sauce. I tried to make my own once, I had a tub of the thing sitting around after an hour of slicing, dicing and purifying so I just use a can now.
Cover with tin foil and place in a 350 degree oven for 50 minutes. Or 300 50 degree ovens for 1 minute. Or shoot it into the sun and hope it doesn't have a Superman hair mixed in.

Easy Chicken Enchiladas:
Oooey gooey with nary an evil pepper or chile in sight (but you can add them if you like, I guess weirdo).

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Leslie said...

Peppers are YUMMY! But surprising enough. I think Brian might even consider eating these. Well, as long as you leave the enchilada sauce off of it, though I'm not sure how that'd work.