Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Recap 2011 Style

Happy All Saints Day for those three people who actually know what Al Saints Day is.

For the rest it's time for Halloween Night Recap!
Because there are about a billion pictures I'm hiding them behind the break but trust me, they're good.

 We did pretty much the same set up as last year, one side graveyard the other Fantasy setting gone amuck.

 We moved our giant 1000W fogger to behind death and aimed it at the graveyard (which is still working three years in *knock on wood* despite my husband forgetting to hook up the switch and declaring it dead).

 My buried farmer got a bit of surgery so his head wasn't falling off. Sadly no adorable tots touched his head this year.
 Due to some unexpected complications Doug got to spend the night reclining, though after digging two graves and half assedly burying the bodies he deserved it.
 He got a lot more Silence looking when the lights came down

My Sir Henric Tombstone: It's hard keeping a good Templar down.
 Showing once again why this is still my favorite tombstone.
 Our new Bucky which my mother won and then donated to us at the Fear Crafters dance was a bit of an unexpected and unplanned for prop. So I dressed him in one of our many extra costumes and stuck him by the tree.

And of course my husband's demon still hung out in back unsure of where he fit in.
Now to jump across the driveway to the other side of the madness. We can't not have a skeleton bubbling away in a cauldron, tis tradition.

The mage still didn't finish her spell in time despite getting a kick arse new staff.
Neither did this warrior (perhaps next time he should look into something better than flimsy fabric armor).
 Not that any of it slowed down the goblin stealing from the horde.
Er, you might want to look out Mr Goblin. He's waking up.
I have about 50,000 pictures of the Dragon in its cave and here they all are.

I thought I'd close with my most unexpected and favorite picture of the night, Essie staring forlornly waiting for more Trick or Treaters to come.
If you still didn't get enough here's a video walkthrough.

Til next year fellow haunters!

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