Monday, November 14, 2011

I Wanna Be a Dragon

Sometimes (what do I mean, sometimes) strange topics arise when I am conversing with individuals of a random nature. While twitter appears to exacerbate this, it has been happening for as long as I figured out the mouth could make sounds approaching words (somewhere around age 13 when I finally got my voice).

On Friday I was conversing with someone about Fairy Tales which then wandered off to Sleeping Beauty and then to how I preferred Maleficent to the princess du jour. And for some reason my little colloquialism stuck with me so I had to try and piece together a graphic.
After making it a bit more PG-13 I decided, you know what, why not put that on a T-shirt for sale:
I can't decide if it's funnier on a babydoll or if it'd still look better on a gray. Oh zazzle, always feeding my terrible habit of putting things onto other things.

In other less shiny news got Skyrim this weekend so I expect my productivity at putting words into my magical box to plummet like an angel who's sick of the big guy telling him what to do. Just 11,000 more to go before it reaches that magical "okay you can call it a novel now" level.

But Dragons to slay and dungeons to crawl and ten minutes getting a horrible cramp sneaking as I wait for a bandit to step back into the torchlight. Hm, how much is it to clone myself?

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