Monday, November 7, 2011

Geeks Come A' Coloring

One of my guilty pleasures as the weather turns nippy and people get a lot of stressed out trying to pretend they're jolly all the god damned time is turning on QVC and marveling at the random crap they're trying to hoist on an unsuspecting public with access to a credit card number.

I cannot explain why it entertains me so, but there are hours of entertainment to be had watching 40 year old men try to work a small helicopter or people pretend that what is clearly a studio set is a magical winter wonderland because someone wrapped a string of lights around a watering can.

Last night one of the hot pick/deals/just buy this crap was a camera that had a ton of photoshop macros hidden with in. One of which was something that turned your pictures into coloring book pages. The image shown on screen was barely visible but it gave me a crazy idea as well as a possible christmas present.

So I pulled out my own trusty photoshop and got to work.

For you my fellow nerds/geeklings/people who keep crayons on them at all times here's some coloring pages just for you based around my earlier nerd images.

Madame Pompadour and the Tardis can be whatever color you like. I suggest purple.
 This is my Tardis in the Water Lillies, apparently impressionist and coloring books don't go so well together.
Or there's always the fun of coloring a soul eater maybe a pretty fuchsia.

The son of Servo?
 Or perhaps you've wanted to reach graduate level coloring and want to take on the SOL.

If for some reason you're not a geek yet you're still reading this here's a chance to color my dog, she's being her usual "happy go lucky my life is so awesome unless you don't throw that ball then I'm in a spiral of despair" self.
I'd explain how I go about making my images but even I only have a vague idea. Now pull out those crayons or colored pencils or markers and get to work.

You're supposed to be jolly, damn it!

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