Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Painting & Things

Been forever and a day since I said "new painting." I blame the manuscript squatting on my harddrive like an exceptionally satiated toad for taking up all my usual painting time of the year.

But're here for a painting.

She's a bit bigger than usual at 16X20, the rest is rather typical me.
And she's up for sale at the usual Bat Channel, the usual Bat Time.

Now about that manuscript squatting issue. It has come to my realization that if I intend to go ahead with a YA novel it might be in my best interest to slice my 200K word (that's around 900 pages in word) into thirds. It's a story told in three rather discreet acts so it might work.

The downside, I have to come up with, not one, but three titles and book covers. So I come baring a favor, do these look like book covers? At least slightly interesting book covers?

EDIT: Wait, I thought of a second. Note the clearly watermarked image because it's just an idea. No buying til I'm certain.

And this would be actually the third in the series. I'm still scratching my head on the second, the marking time of a trilogy.
When in doubt, put a skull on it.

Or is this all an incredibly stupid idea?

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