Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I'm up to/Been Up to

I've been keeping myself busy as I hide from editing, despite getting encouraging data back from two Beta readers and one Omega Red (though that was mostly "Let's kill Captain America!")

One project that is up and coming is I'm going to teach a few other members of our Halloween club how I made my zombie teeth. My original project tutorial is off here in a forgotten and neglected corner of my blog.

I had to remake a set to remind myself just what the hell I did and so I could have a new set to show off and glue to my face. But this time I decided to film myself painting it, and through the magic of fast forward turn 20 minutes into 2.

I haven't broken out the spirit gum yet because I hate that shit. Sticky, stinky, and that's when it works properly.

Moving from teeth to trees, I've been working with a fellow self publisher to whip up some cover ideas for his novel. It's a great excuse to break out all the textures I never get to use. It's still in the, "here are some samples, pick with you like" stage, but hopefully I can show off all my ideas once it's finished. Some came out really cool.

Ah but the plot is escaping me. In a piquant moment I had an idea to smash together two of my old tree paintings into one free for anyone to use picture.

Write a mystery/horror novel, slap a title on it, and you got a book. The hambone and soup are optional.

Just to close, here's a video of my dog getting her head stuck in a Milkbone box:

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