Saturday, March 29, 2014

Marketing stuff

I've been busy at work making some images for that book website I probably should have started a few weeks ago as well as other promo stuff. All the parts a writer loves.

I joke, but in reality photoshopping is a nice break from the stress of contorting my manuscript into a paperback and then ebook form. (I have rants that would burn apart a sun about Lulu's wizards)

On to the pictures. I made a sort of banner for each of my characters.

Aldrin, the second son for the throne who's been
 tasked with saving a crumbling throne he has no right to.

 Ciara, a daughter of near knight, is tossed into the 
world on the flames of loss as the Empire ransacks her 
home. She is the only one left to save Aldrin.

Taban, a rogue out of Dunlaw, appears from the 
shadows to destroy an Empire guard come to
 kill Aldrin. But who knows if this assassin of assassins 
is trustworthy.

Marciano, General of the Avar Empire, is the man 
tasked with the challenge of a god. His Emperor, 
Vasska, has claims upon Ostero territory 
and only the un-retired general can take them.

Isa, a witch from the forbidden islands, 
travels with Aldrin and Ciara to guide 
them to finding the long lost warrior's sword. 
But she is a dagger that can bite back the hand that wields it.

Kynton, once a priest of the healing cult
 of Hospar, has defrocked himself in favor of 
traveling with anyone who will take him. 
In this case, a couple of teenagers chasing something or other.

I threw a few together to make a possible bookmark/brochure image.
Now to get back to ARCs and asking for reviewers. Isn't self publishing fun?

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