Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hola! It is that golden, dusty month of July when we're all supposed to blow up sections of America and then lay around waiting for summer to crash down. I shall be spending this month working on a manuscript for CampNaNo.

But to the painting. I'd started this one a few weeks back, then got busy with all that Halloween stuff down below, but I came back and finished what I like to call "DEATH WAITS FOR A BUS"
She's for sale over at Etsy in my shop, along with other paintings languishing in obscurity.

I've also got two new book things. First up is a review courtesy of The Modest Verge.


The next is an author interview from The Modest Verge as well. You can read about all the evil secrets rattling in my brain, but never how I make ice cream soup. That goes with me to the grave!
And that's what's been going on behind the scenes lately. I do have another halloween project in the works, but he's just a skeleton right now.

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