Monday, July 21, 2014

Scarin' all the crows

Scarecrows are one of two options for me. Either they're cutsey things you find splattered across the walls of birth control denying craft stores, (I get all my cool Halloween craft shit from Michaels, thankyouverymuch) or they're yank your soul out through their cracking eyes and twist inhumanly in the wind.

I decided to make the latter.
This isn't much of a tutorial because I didn't take a lot of step pictures. Sorry.

First off you need a head. I actually made one a few years back and then never got around to the body. I did a step by step process here.
Next up are hands. Again, I used bic pens, a wire hanger, and latex. Which I also documented how to do in my Reaper tutorial.
Okay, to the body. Use 10' of 1" PVC pipe, that was cut down to 5' and then sections for the arms. A few 45˚ joints gave it elbows, then I spray painted it all black to hide the shame of white pvc, and because the costume was actually a kid's one from years back and incredibly short.
After this I just have finished pictures. Sorry. Chicken wire filled the body. Because that's all I know how to do.

In 90˚ heat, curse your deity or force of choice while extra hot glue dribbles onto your fingers as you stuff raffia under the costume of your scarecrow. I did it in fanned out patters under his little burlap poncho I made, as well as the sleeves and under the skirt. The skirt was the absolute worst.

 I used a combo of brown, orange, and black spray paint to age the moss and raffia as well as the fresh burlap and costume. Orange is surprisingly good for rusting things if you're careful, then you add more brown if you're not.

And that's my new scarecrow. I have crazy plans to get some corn stalks and stuff them with lights to give the scarecrow something to guard.

Halloween's coming.

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Kris Silva said...

Hell YES! I desperately want to do this!