Monday, July 14, 2014

Witch Lanterns

Need to light an old barn, scarecrow scene, or witch at work? Try this:

All you need are
  • a mason jar
  • black paint
  • elmers glue
I took one clear, fresh, crisply a year or so old jar and, with my sea sponge, dabbed black paint on the bottom and then on the inside. I did it in flecks so it'd mimic dirt.

I also painted some of the black paint in the outside the jar, especially the lip for extra dirt.

For the cloudy exterior, take elmers glue, dab it onto a paper towel, and rub that over the jar. That really makes the jars look like you dug them out of the back of a rusted and haunted farmhouse.

Here are the jars with the candles in them prior to me adding the glue.

Here are the jars after the glue.
The barely flickering one in the back has an electric tealight in it while the others have real candles. The cheap ones do work, but the glow of course is nowhere near as powerful as an open flame.

I think I'll string a few on wire and hang them up high while the others I'll put electric tealights in and use to light our steps for Halloween.

Oh, and thanks to a few smashed fingers and some structural damage to the hair I am now the proud owner of a mannequin. It's insane that I could get a fully standing, human sized prop for $25. Yup.
We have plans for her. Oh yes we do. Mwhahahahahahahaha!

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