Friday, June 5, 2015

Historical Accuracy!

Whenever something of the fantastical genre rolls out you can expect the same damn arguments all over again. Women never had any power or did anything but be bar wenches, Men had to rule everything all of the time and we were all better for it, people of color didn't exist until 1860.

You know "Historical Accuracy."

It's funny, I don't remember a lot of dragons flying around medieval Europe, or scarred Sean Connery's running around celtic Poland calling themselves a Witcher. For that it's okay to fudge the history stuff, but we talk about anyone who's not a white guy and suddenly it's "Whoa there little missy! You don't understand how vitally important it is to maintain the status quo. I mean, if we have some black woman just existing that would cause a complete disconnect in the player's mind and he'd never want to look at the game again. Now excuse me while I go shoot fire from my hand."

Or, as I put it succinctly on twitter:
I could come up with two dozen arguments for why "historical accuracy" is a cardboard shield but there's no point. People will bitch and moan about how the PC social justice warriors are ruining everything by daring to exist. Then it'll fade until the next big all white fantasy thing hits and we're back to plucked and groomed sexy ladies and big hairy white guys as the only people in all of history.

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