Monday, June 1, 2015

Escape - a new painting

After the super villain Cloudmandious kept my state wrapped in a continuous state of darkness and rain for a few weeks, my brain needed something, anything to break out of the fog. So, I did something I haven't done since last Christmas and picked up a brush.


I called it "Escape" because I'm really bad at naming paintings.
Escape 2 Escape 3



But that's not enough to keep me busy and I decided to join Wattpad. If you're on there or use it, say hi and I'll send over a digital fruit basket or something.

The longest one to read is Spanish Fog, which I'm slowly adding to build up suspense or whatever.
It's the dawn of the 16th century in Granada. Tensions rise as the ousted muslims revolt against the catholic monarchs leaning against the tattered treaty. Prowling through the streets making life impossible for anyone with coin is a bandit, Vaho. 

Except this highway man is hiding a secret, he's actually a she. Five years past she slipped on the grey cowl and the masculine gender to grow her own private bandit band. The only other person who knows her secret is Mariana, a beautiful noble woman Vaho's hopelessly in love with. 

As society falls into riots and revolt, Vaho struggles to keep her life from falling into tatters.

There are also all of my Dragon Age fanfics if you somehow missed those this last again Christmas (it's almost like something else kept me busy the earlier part of this year. Can't imagine what that was)

Based upon a regret Cullen shares when he talks about the Hero of Ferelden, late at night the Inquisitor's Commander gets a very unexpected visit. The Warden risks a moment to drop in and speak to an old friend.

A month after Haven, despite Skyhold still mostly ruins, Josephine puts together a mass feast for Satinalia. This leaves the Inquisitor to soothe over the edges as everyone tried to add their own touches to the celebration.

After slaying a dragon, the Inquisitor wants nothing more than to relax in a warm bath when she's greeted by her worried Commander.



But, we're not done yet! 

Last new thing, I swear. This is for people who are sick and tired of the "AH! CHEMICALS ARE BAD AND SCARY!!!!" brigade.

I made a word cloud of an apple filled with the chemical composition of a boring, probably green apple, then I slapped it on a t-shirt.

Apple on White Apple on Black

If you want to show you embrace chemicals, here's where you can get it.

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