Sunday, July 5, 2015

Look, I'm over there!

Happy "No-More-Loud-Explosions" Day to all the pets out there.

I've been busy myself (when not kind of writing and making a video which I'll share later)

First off, over at Dab of Darkness is another interview.

I talk about raising Chaucer from the dead, wiping my mind to watch MST3K, and making tombstones. Would you like to see my tombstones? (unrolls brag book).

You know, typical interview questions.

I've also got a guest post at Bound4Escape.  You'll have to head over there to see what it's about. I'm evil like that.

And because it isn't smart to throw up a blog post without a picture, here's a ghost I found lurking in a graveyard that got a bit foggy in photoshop. No idea how that happened.

Oh, some more news.

Dwarves in Space is also the Indie Book of the Week at BiblioFreak and I've started working on the next set of All Hallows Read posters:

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