Thursday, July 30, 2015

Meet Variel

If you missed the earlier posts, I've been getting commissions done of my main cast in Dwarves in Space. Rather than go with one artist, I've been searching for art styles that fit the characters.

I already snagged one of that rascally elf Taliesin, and the droll dwarf Orn. Taliesin seemed that sort of anime style while Orn is pretty much a web/newspaper comic strolled into real life.

But what's a ship without a captain?

Thanks to Iced Wings Art I give you Variel:

It was cool watching Variel develop from a black, white and grey blob:

 To a few colored squiggly lines:

Until a person began to emerge:

I love her so much, I'm already rethinking the next book cover entirely.
If you want some character art in the digital painting style, Iced Wings Art was incredibly quick and checked in with each stage. Multiple thumbs up!

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