Friday, July 10, 2015

The Dog Bite

Essie in happier times
Yesterday, I took Es on the same damn walk I always do. Through the same park, saw the same people walking their dogs, past the same row of stepford clone houses, but then it all went bad.

From across the street bolted two dogs, one a chocolate lab, the other some little terrier (I'm shit at identifying little dogs). This is actually a regular occurrence because people fucking suck at restraining their dogs. My usual response is to stop so the dogs running to meet mine spend as little time in the street as possible - limiting the amount of chances of getting hit by a car.

But I'm not doing that anymore.

Completely unprovoked, the chocolate ran over and bit Es in the ass. She shrieked and cowered away. I shouted "HEY!" at the dog and stomped my feet towards it which was enough to startle it away. The terrier swarmed by her head also in an aggressive mode, but I scared it away before it could do anything.

I tried to drag Es away while the idiot for an owner kept mumbling sorry and tried to wrangle his fucking dogs. I got a few more houses down when I saw blood dripping on the pavement. It coated her backside, a red as vibrant as tempera paint.

Es got her fathers lack of pain receptors. Aside from the whimper, she showed almost no signs of distress. Even her tail was back up and wagging a bit from the joy of a walk.

When I saw the blood, I grabbed her and doubled back, running towards that asshole's house. I told him my dog was bleeding and to get a fucking towel.

While she drenched his grass in her blood, he fumbled to unlock his door -- that door his lab just burst through to bite mine. It had to take two to three minutes before he finally got in and grabbed a wad of paper towels.

I grabbed them and held the papers against her back end trying to stem the tide, while that fucker grabbed Es. She's very good about a lot of shit, but there comes a point when she gets tired of being held. I tried to get him to fucking stop but he wouldn't listen. He said she was a good dog and I dug the knife in saying cold, "Yes she is. She's never bit anyone."

He even took the paper towels away from me to hold them against my dog's wound himself, as if I was some waifish ingenue who would pass out at the side of blood.

You bastard, my hands are coated in it because of your dog!

He tried to downplay my dog's injury, but I saw blood coming out of her anus and all I could think was possible colon perforation and contamination. But Es was not happy, and I got the blood to slow to a trickle out of the bite wound in her taint area. So, after asking about his dogs shots, I bundled her off and got her home. (I feared if I asked to see paperwork, it'd take an hour from how long it took to just get the towels).

Es was so good about me messing around with her ass. She wasn't happy about all the attention and I'm sure she was hurting like hell. But she was a trooper, standing there while I first tried to clean the blood matted area with a wet paper towel, then was back to just trying to get the deep wound to stop bleeding.

It was down to a darker weep, but if she moved too much (which is all she does) it started back up.

I sent my husband out to get a styptic stick, but apparently they don't make them anymore and had to try and hold some powder vertical against my dog's wound to try and scab it up. When I wasn't pressing a paper towel or a weird dark powder against her ass, Es's tail wagged and she chewed down a treat. I think she got about her body weight in them by the end.

The outer wound stopped bleeding but whatever happened in her anus concerned me more so I called the vet. They were booked but were willing to get us in.

For whatever reason Es LOVES the vet. It's all these people to meet and she gets treats. Going is christmas for her. This time was no different, her tail wagging as she climbed onto the table and wanting to see everyone, even the unknown doctor. We lucked out and got in about as soon as we arrived.

The good news is she didn't need stitches. She's on antibiotics for 15 days, which will be fun. My dog is sneaky about hiding pills.

With the vet bill in hand, we drove right back to that asshole's house. I wasn't about to let him forget and get off scot-free. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the right state to memorize the house number, and thanks to america's weird cloning house project, every fucking one looked the damn same.

I tried knocking on a few doors asking about a chocolate lab, but the neighbors gave a confused shrug.

In the end, I crossed back to the side of the street I was walking on, spotted the blood drops still on the sidewalk, and deduced what house I suspected it might be. But when I rang the bell, surprise surprise, no one was home.

I still wanted to be sure and tried a house next to it. The owner had his own black dog and when I asked about a chocolate lab in the area, his eyes darkened as he glanced to his dog. Seems there'd nearly been an incident before.

This dog is trouble. For one to run across the street outside of its territory and bite an unprovoked dog is dangerous as shit. The next time it could easily be a child. And I keep thinking what if the chocolate had been at her head. It could have gone for her neck and killed her.

We're going to try finding this guy to pay for the vet bills tonight. Right now Es is sleeping, generally acting like her normal self, but I'm not sure how the next bowel movement will go.

One thing I'm certain of, we're finding a new walking path and if another dog ever runs across the street towards her I'm going to shout at it until it goes away.

Hey blonde bitch that dared to accost me, this one's just for you!

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