Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We're gonna need a bigger ball

Three day weekends are a bit like house guests. You anticipate their arrival with big plans, specialty foods and actually bothering to try cleaning behind the toilet.

And like houseguests, once it leaves you're left with pots and pans scouring in the sink, half an eaten cake, some strange goo all over the living room floor and nowhere near enough energy to bother with any of it.

We stayed close to home getting things done, excitingly amazing things like mowing the lawn and cleaning out the gutters. It was so much fun I can barely contain my excitement recapping it.

However, we did do one traditional Memorial day event. Loading up the puppy and making sure to completely forget the towels we took Essie for a big romp around in the lake.

This was actually Essies second time at the lake but I of course forgot my camera the first time. So she was a bit more used to the idea of there's water go run around in it.

After we throw the ball of course.
She doesn't really swim yet. She mostly just skips across the water as fast as she can.
The few times she does get into deep water she puppy paddles, keeping her feet above the water and splashing like crazy. It's kinda like watching a paddle boat in reverse.

I took some video of her in action.

Generally Essie keeps near us, avoiding people and other dogs she doesn't know. But at one point the great small bird hunter noticed these guys hanging around by the waters edge.
Which then lead to chasing, swimming, running and I'm pretty sure small attempts to fly by our puppy.

All in all a good day at the lake.
And that's my exciting Memorial Day.

Oh but if that's not enough cute doggie doing silly doggie things, here's Essie playing with a giant branch:

How was everyone elses three day weekend?


Leslie said...

It's hilarious watching her swim. I've never seen a dog do it that way. She's getting so big though. I think she grows every time I see her.

Chesney said...

Essie is huge...no more puppy in her! She also looks like she is going to be a water dog...better keep lots of towels with you at all times LOL

Krista said...

She's so funny!

And I agree, she is so big! :)