Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Day, Another Zombie

My brain can be a rather horrifying place sometimes. When left on its own with access to copious amounts of glucose it can come up with some of the strangest and incomprehensible ideas one has ever mentally seen.

But on occasion those ideas contain a nugget of, not wisdom, something just entertaining enough I decide to follow through and put form to function to weird ink drawing.

Thus I give you:
This is that rare breed of Zombie that has sworn of mortal flesh and instead subsists upon beans, nuts and tofu cooked in human fat for that fresh human flavor with none of the dismembering.

Also for reasons beyond my comprehension my Zombie wound up looking a bit like Bill Nighy. 
I also put the image on a t-shirt cause I could.
Now my brain is off to the recesses of its wild world to try and rummage for something shiny. Ta.

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