Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hellish Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday. If you're wondering why this is usually greeted with much less pomp and circumstance than say a monthly hair cut it's because Fate has had it out for me since Day 1 (I must have stepped on her giant eyeball one of the thousand times she had it out to make her horrible "I see you" pun).

There's a general acceptance from me that anything that can go wrong will. It's normally background levels of bad, a stubbed toe, death of electronics, that sort of thing. But when something good happens to me or say I revel for even a second then Fate swoops in a cruel smile carving her face to bash me on the head.

Case in point, yesterday birthday on a wednesday so there were no plans to go anywhere, no major meal made, not even any presents opened. But, I did make a wacky avatar for the twitter/facebook crowd and had a surprising number of Birthday Greetings on the tweetbook.

I suspect that's where I went wrong, letting other people know it was my birthday.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The day didn't actually start out too bad, I got some painting done and made what I think is a really cool pendant interpretation of the moon:
On the pendant scene I also got a series of three listed for sale as well:
But my hubris had not yet caused my downfall. It was around 3 or so when fate began the unraveling of sanity.

While taking a picture of my ice cream cake (the only indulgence I allow myself on my birthday) sitting in the freezer waiting for consumption (not the TB kind) I dropped my camera breaking the lens cap and sending the piece flying under the stove sure to be never seen again til we find some way to cook food using plasma engines.

Annoying certainly, but nothing too dire, at least not yet.

Fast forward and somehow I managed to make it through dinner preparation without setting my arm on fire. It being in the 150 degree range outside but us having a puppy with energy sparking off her I think hey wouldn't it be fun to go out to the lake. It should be cooler and swimming (generally) wears her out faster.

There were so few people there Es practically had free range on the beach and dry off grass area.

All happy idyllic times, or so we thought.

Now that Fate's had some time to ponder just how to make sure and put me in my place she savours it, salivating over the pain she can inflict with barely anyone noticing.

On the drive back we notice some darkening clouds in the distance, rain again. But it rains about every other day so no one gets too excited about any of it.

While sitting down savoring the crunchy brownie middle bits of the Dairy Queen cake we hear the first crack. The storm is upon us and more violent than we suspected.

Watching the vertical rain and flailing trees I decide hey wouldn't it be kinda fun to film a bit of it just to show the rest of the world our crappy weather.

Here's what happened.

It knocked over our damn fence, on my birthday! A fence we desperately need whole with a dog who demands backyard ball throwing for at least 2 hours everyday!

You win again Fate, I have been cowed into my box of "expect nothing good and pray for nothing bad."

Thanks to the fence taking a giant crapper and smashing up Essie's dog pen as well next year I shall pretend that I was never born instead I was fashioned out of various body parts found in a graveyard. Oh and I also got a charlie horse and the dog threw up this morning from eating random crap in the garden again but mostly the fence thing.


FoamingMad said...

Look for the good in the situation.

It didn't huff and puff and blow your house down. :)

megan said...

oh my god! I can honestly say that I've NEVER seen weather that bad. WOW!

Jennifer said...

Ah midwest birthdays. It once hailed so hard on my birthday (June) every car and roof on the block was ruined beyond repair.

Happy birthday- although late, it is sincere.