Thursday, July 8, 2010

Outta the Workshop

I hope everyone had a relaxing and unproductive fourth.

Mother nature kept up her never ending trend of making sure to destroy every holiday imaginable by dumping another  20 gallons on us during the fourth but amazingly lightened up as it started to darken outside so we got to watch some neighbors shot stuff off.

As for me, I had a fairly productive last week or so. Lots of paintings jumped out of my brain and danced across the canvas.

This one was just a random idea of a melting sunset with a single tree illuminated on the horizon:
That I actually got listed and up for sale. It's pretty and all but oh another tree, ho hum. All I make ar e trees and water type things.

Why don't you try something different, reach out a bit. Take some chances?

Fine you pushy little brain worm, shesh. Try this on for size:
I have a deep fear of having to paint noses, well noses and fingers, but I'm slightly fascinated by eyes. So I thought, hey what if I make just an eye picture. And there you go, something a little more pop arty than usual.

But because it's still me, here are two pendants both with water themes and both mythological in some way.
And that's been the fruits of my painting fervor as of late.

Oh and we made another iRiff, sample down below.

Air Flap Bladder everyone! Air Flap!

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