Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Baby Bunny and Cards

Hello all,

Ever wake up one day and realize you hate everything about your room so you tear down the wall paper, repaint the furniture and reverse your bed linens? No? Huh, must just be me then.

Well I have some paintings to show to you my lovelies.

The first is one that has actually already sold (Thanks God for twitter followers, the only people who still buy from me):
After a walk where Essie somehow managed to completely ignore the cute baby bunny gnawing away on some grass under a tree I felt an inexplicable urge to paint a bunny doing what bunnies do best (No Not that! I meant being cute, shesh. Get your mind out of the gutter for two seconds.)

I also made a new scenery lake painting, a fairly good sized one too as I hadn't done one in a while and wanted to get back at it as it were:
Finally, this latest endeavor might need a tiny bit of explanation. As I got into the painting world I discovered this trend for artists to paint on little cards your typical baseball card size and trade them with other artists.

I'd had the idea in the back of my head (it was also what lead to me making pendants) of making really tiny art as a sort of add on to a purchase of my bigger paintings as well as maybe something to share with anyone who wants to trade something good for it.

Otherwise I haven't though much beyond - oh I can make tiny versions of all the things I've always wanted to try. So without much more ado:
I've already made 7 and I've only had the cards since Saturday. They've been a wonderful recharge for my painting inspiration to know that I can create an entire piece of art in an hour or two instead of over a few days.

And that's all I have for new paintings now as my creative energies are being channeled elsewhere for now, hopefully I don't wake up tomorrow and suddenly feel like having green walls or I shall never get anything accomplished.


Jennifer said...

I love the trading cards and hope you make enough to sell as sets!

Jennifer said...

Oh- and the baby bunny is so damn cute!