Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Essie and the Magical Mystery Cups

We here at Black Lab Puppy Institues are always hard at work trying to come up with new and different ways to wear your impossible puppy down to the point energy only sparks of here everyone 20 minutes or so instead of the usual every 10 seconds.

Walks are a rudimentary approach any Institute will try to sell you.

A long swimming session is only good for the summer unless you're good at picking YMCA locks.

That is why we have invented a new system that will kepp your dog busy in both body and mind.

The Magical Mystery Cups.

All you need are three (preferably plastic) cups and a box of treats. My subject will now demonstrate the correct procedure for how to play the Magical Cup Game.

Note - side effects include cups jammed under fridges and counters, a gassy dog thanks to all the treats digesting in their gut, and the propensity of your dog to try turning over every cup in the house to see if there's a treat there or not.

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