Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After last Christmas's Rifftrax Live show I started a little tradition of racing home, the jokes buzzing about in my head causing me to toss and turn the night til I could get up the next morning and put some joke or idea to pen/paper/and image document.

It was The Tree With No Account that started it all:
Last Thursday brought a new RiffTrax Live show and with it a (couple of) new ideas:

First the burning question that sits upon the minds of every great philosopher:
Students would find Plato hunched over his desk furiously scribbling out to the Gods beseeching them to just say is corn grass or not! Alas all to no avail.

We may have solved the one hand clapping issue but we still have no idea when it comes to the grass/corn debate.

And now we come to the domestic half of the jokes. Apparently in the 1930's you couldn't swing an asbestos cat without hitting a housewife on fire. They loved every and any opportunity to set themselves aflame thanks to open tubs of gasoline strewn about the house:
Oh how I dream of going back to that simpler time when people regularly disfigured or killed themselves because they had no idea gasoline was flammable.

And finally as a bit of a dare someone challenged me to take twitter av's and somehow make a T-shirt that had a theme of "Legion."
It did create an interesting t-shirt though:
And now I must rest my brain waiting with baited breath for the Halloween Rifftrax Live show featuring House on Haunted Hill.

I better try my hand at getting the Drunk Leprechaun look just right.

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