Monday, August 23, 2010

Kitties and Trees

I make it no secret that when it comes to creativity I have more than a touch of ADD.

I enjoy the thrill of learning how to do something new, conquer a mountain or just see if I can get a crazy idea out of my head and tack it to some paper but once I have that picture sketched out, that zombie zombified or that monkey finally figuring out how to juggle I figure it's time to move on.

Which leads to me having absolutely no theme whatsoever when it comes to my paintings. So far there's one and only one subject I like to come back to and that's trees, but even then each time I want something new and different.

Like this recent attempt when I decided to try a tree stretched across two different canvases.
Anyway this is all just an excuse to show off three little trading card sized paintings (which is my new fascination til I get sick of it and make something on say a 48"x30" hunk of canvas or something).

They're three kitties that each have very special interests. The first is Bogart who loved Law and Order, specifically Detective Briscoe:
This is Quentin, he's quite into music and chasing after those invisible notes people who got into the wrong cat nip go on about:
And last and probably my favorite is Marilyn who is apparently a RENThead.
Perhaps each of my paintings should come with a warning, there is a good chance that you shall own the only one ever created in existence because the artist just got distracted and only works in the medium of grass weaving now.

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