Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Awhile back I shared with you a tale I weaved about a Knight traveling through a foreign land seeking aid for his ill Arl and finding only certain death. It was composed using the backstory from a video game and for a contest from a replica weapon company.

All in all the last thing I'd have ever expected to find myself working on a year ago, but create and enter it in I did.

Then began the waiting game, I knew I had til August 10th to try to put the whole thing out of my mind and concentrate on making new cards:
Yesterday, early morning I logged on and checked my e-mail, nothing new. Oh well, I guess I was just hopefully and at least I had fun writing it.

Then at 10 I recieve this cryptic letter:

"You should be receiving some information today. Please check out Epic Weapons website around 5:00 PM Eastern today.
Customer Service Department
Epic Weapons"

So, does that mean that maybe I might have nah . . it's probably just a form letter. Still . . .

I passed the day putting it out of my mind as much as possible, working on more paintings:
but my eye kept turning to the clock, willing it to be 5 PM.

In the middle of flipping the steaks I log onto the contest website where I see they finally announced the winners. My heart catches, holding still til I scroll down and there under the category I entered I see this:

Okay you're probably a bit confused as it says Richard: taking into account the fact that this was one a back story for a videogame with a contest where the prize were replica weapons and two I spun a tale referring to vampires I thought that using my husband's name might be a bit more prudent.

The whole fact I even felt that a male name would give me a better chance is a whole other can of worms I shall leave unopened for the time being.

For now I'm walking around gobsmacked and radiating that something I created and formed was actually awarded a $50 gift certificate.

If you missed it the first time here's the story - sorry the letter winning story.

I should be back to my normal pessimistic self soon enough but for now. YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!


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Congrats! That's awesome.
BTW, love the new background.

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