Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chloe Glaes

I have many fabulous finds/purchases/discoveries to share this week.

Okay so three, but still they are so wonderful I've been saving them up for one big blow out as it were.

As some may remember I wear a rune stone every day and have for the past oh 10 years or so (change comes slowly, if it comes at all. Now where's my pipe weed?) I'd been thinking lately how I'd like something different, something colorful, something shiny.

Enter this gorgeous glass pendent:
It has a translucent shine on the top that changes with the light giving it a shimmer and almost glow that gives it far more depth than one would expect from a little pendent.

This bad boy was hand crafted by a good twitter friend from Chloe Glaes. They have some amazing pieces like this one:
Or this one:
Or this:
And the most amazing part is they're all $15 or under for a gorgeous piece of art that's sparkly and I can't stop playing with.

So go and check them out, that address again is Chloe Glaes.

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