Friday, August 6, 2010

Zombie overload

Hints of fall are in the air.

The kids are braving the sweltering heat of late summer to get in one last good romp before they're chained back to their desks.

Stores have huge displays of pencils, pens and paper without a sense of irony.

And my brain has turned fully to Halloween.

Last time I gave you Vegetarian Zombie and his love of fine beans.

Today I give you The Horror that came from the bakery section:

I wanted to pair the cute mad love of tiny baked goods with the undead madness of the zombie. Or take two popular things and jam them together. Probably a little of both.

And I also revisited an old idea and gave it a new spit shine and polish.

In the vein of Vegetarian Zombie I sat down and sketched out Zombie Lawyer:

Click on the image to see all the little details I added.

I for one welcome our Zombie overlords because I got myself a nice boom stick.

Oh I've also listed a few of my Trading Cards in my shop.

Raven By Moonlight:
Big Blue Marble:
Baby Sea Turtle:
Oh and I also added another pendant - this one of a Waterfall with a little hidden surprise.
So aside from the Earth, the baby sea turtle and the mermaid my minds been fully focused on Halloween.

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