Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 10

Subtracting one because I didn't get into it til day 2, I've been at this NaNoing for 9 days.

I feel into a pattern pretty quickly, I try to get 2,000 words or so a day done (the suggested is 1,667 so I round up to give myself some breathing room).

Early in the morning, once I get any painting and/or carpet cleaning out of the way (Oh we got a carpet cleaner. It's amazing, our carpets actually are tan now instead of covered in tennis ball sized black marks,) I curl up with my writing juice and try to get out the first 1,000:
Then, once I've exhausted my brain and my hand, I put the laptop aside to humor the dog and do other day stuff.

At about 6, after having to throw the ball for Essie once she gets back from her walk with my husband (our dog is more consistent than the train schedule) I get back at it and try to finish up another 1,000 words for the day.

It's kinda interesting putting myself on this schedule wherein I force myself to write at these certain times. I haven't gotten much writers block, there were a few tantrums when I didn't want to work through a block of character development, but for the most part it's been humming along.

I fear when the inevitable creativity crash comes and I can't think much less form cohesive thoughts in words. But til then, EXCELSIOR!

I also have the best excuse for when I don't want to talk to anyone during Thanksgiving.

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Tony Noland said...

Sounds like a good system that's working for you. Sweet.