Friday, November 19, 2010

A Day of Thanksgiving

I'm still trucking away at that novel idea (he he, it's a pun) but when taking small breaks my husband and I managed to finish a new iRiff.

And it's all about Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving - that national tradition of stuffing yourself so full of turkey and various other heart attack inducing foodstuffs to leave you comatose on the couch.

But due to a shortage in turkeys thanks to someone in the 70's needing to toss them out of planes (don't ask me how the economy works) in the 1950's the government was afraid all of the schoolchildren would turn communist. So this short was born, a warning to everyone that if you are not grateful for your small miserable little American life then the government could just break down your door and take your small popcorn bowl away when you weren't looking.

Perfect for anyone who's facing a huge family Thanksgiving dinner, a small intimate gathering, or planning on eating a Hungry Man in front of the TV this short will make you grateful that you're not stuck in their horrific little world being forced to recite at McCarthy gunpoint every democratic thing you're thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Here's the sample, can't pick a riff without a good sample after all:

A Day of Thanksgiving with a load of good red scare stuff thrown in for good measure.

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Leena said...

Hi, I really like your iRiffs. Just wondering, would it be at all possible for you to adjust the volume a little in the future? Because the original sound is really low I have to adjust my volume so that when you get excited it nearly pierces my eardrums :)