Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Great Twitter Experiment

If you haven't seen it or read about it I have quit twitter for a few days/week. Frankly, I have no idea for how long and the fact that I felt the need to announce it probably means that it won't be for long. Normally when I abandon things message boards, blogs, websites it's with no fanfare as the poor thing is left to rot on the vine.

With this announcement it left people scratching their collective heads and looking for a catalyst. I won't lie, there was a misunderstanding that bothered me a bit more than it probably should have and was the straw on the camels back but not the underlying reason.

Christmas and all its unending time sucking joys and traditions is almost upon me which means that bit of extra time needs to be spent on presents, baking and card making. I also still have an unfinished novel yelling at me from my word document and just agreed to creating a 2'X4' painting.

So I stepped away for a bit to regroup, recharge and redistribute my bit of creative energy I have. It isn't that I made some great Lenten like rule that I will never tweet, I'll still share something if I think it important or it helps someone and I'll hang around the Fbook. I just can't keep up with the fast paced interactions as I once did.

Day one was a bit of a cheat as I got to hang out with my best friend and her awesome kid for most of the day and had the rest crushed by a weather related headache. Which also meant I got Jack Shit done and he gets enough attention as it is.

Today sort of being the first real day then I did get some Christmas Cards done. I got 5 free ones that I printed up for my major Painting clients and instead of including a letter I wanted to make something a bit more special and a bit more me.

Now I need a good push to get back to writing. Anyone got a board with a nail in it they can run at me with?

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