Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I did it!

Ahem *adjusts tie* Unfurl the banner boys!

In 22 days I managed to finish the NaNoWriMo challenge and get 50,000 mostly coherent words into a story format! (And I swear they weren't 'Screw Flanders' over and over.)

However, I'm still many many pages away from hitting any kind of an ending so the banner seems a tad apt. I promised to my husband that I would keep chugging along and not abandon it now that the magical number's been reached. But this seemed a good time to celebrate and what better way than by including a celebrity.

At night I camp out at the kitchen table, ear buds in, while Kratos chops people to tiny bits behind me to get my writing done.

I shall also, on occasion, do a bit of internet surfing when I come to a particular passage that's giving me grief or even dare tweet. Before hunkering down my brain made a little burp which lead to this:

"For some reason my brain read Garmin as Gaiman and I wondered what would happen if @neilhimself gave everyone driving directions."

And having entertained myself with the idea of directions from authors I dug into it.

Round about the 49,600 range as I can see the light I hear the little tweetdeck cry and look up to see this:
I may or may not have yelped out in surprise causing my husband to think that I had finished the NaNoing, which lead to lots of giggles and a drive to finish the last bits. I hope it's a good sign to get random beloved writers attention just as you cross the NaNoWriMo finish line and it isn't like saying MacBeth in a theatre.

Well, now to get back at it. This story isn't going to write itself unless I make an unholy deal with a strange little man with a jaunty hat and funny name.

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