Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Comedy's Easy

Planck, once he got done measuring up quanta for his basement energy fights, created a few other constants for life.

1. No matter how much you scrub you will always have a tiny bit of peanut butter clinging to your butter knife.

2. The dog will throw up between the hours of when you just fell asleep and are hours from the alarm going off.

And his most popular postulate.

3. The addition of Yakety Sax and the liberal use of the fast forward button can make anything, no matter how somber or terrifying, funny.

Observe his experiments:

First study on one KeDollarSignha unrefrained footage:

Next we up the tragedy factor and apply the solution to the sappy interpretation of the sinking of the Titanic.

Finally to really stick it to Watson & Crick who are knee deep in the cream pie matrix here is the experiment joined with walking corpses:

As you can see from the statistics I'm right, you're wrong now give me a nobel prize.

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