Friday, August 5, 2011

Doctored Paintings

The Doctor has a habit of getting himself into the most unlikely of places so I thought why not trap him somewhere that can be preserved for ages.

Enter the Tardis in famous paintings.

Hanging out in Iowa for some reason, he forgot he parked it in front of these rather bland people's home.
No idea what that fellow's problem is but maybe he needs a bit of help.
The Doctor always had a thing for water lilies.
The Angles have the dripping clocks.
The Doctor's Diner, whose to say 9 10 and 11 don't regularly meet up at a cafe on the edge of town?
A Sunday Afternoon with Cybermen.
And you can't visit a bunch of paintings without stopping by the world's most famous.
She was smiling because Bow Ties are cool.

Edited to add Whistler's Doctor
Another challenge from Doctor Hu
Crow visits the Poker House
One more for my MSTies: "Son of Servo"
Of course the Doctor would swing by the school of athens.
My favorite Van Gogh.
There's a growing number of new paintings here as well.

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