Monday, August 15, 2011

Nerdy Nail Polish

EDITED TO ADD: Since so many ask I figure I should say here that everything is photoshopped, the packaging and the colors. So that means the colors do not exist except in my fevered mind. And yes I did photoshop all the bottle colors myself. I didn't just make up the names. This is what artists do. Sheesh!

A strange thought crashed my mind and held it captive for a few hours; why, with all the nerdy/geeky women running around, has no one yet to jump on making specific nail polish themes to appeal to someone who would rather paint with say Dragon's blood or Orc flesh than a double entendre pink walk on a beach.

With the help of a bit of photoshop was born my nail polish line with OPI for the discerning nerd:

Doctor Who Nail Polish Theme:
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek:
Two Hellboys because sometimes you just need a giant red demon with a rock fist:
In the not to distant future, somewhere in polish and space:
Futurama - that's dolomite baby!
And I swear this last one was at my husband's urging:
Now I just have to kidnap a nail polish R&D scientist and make them real.

Or be able to create matter with my mind. Whichever is easiest on the universe.


karen said...

You forgot Dune! Baron Harkonnen (red), Water of Life (very dark blue), Irulan (gold).

Lady Jaye said...

In a related train of thought, BPAL (Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs) make RPG perfumes based on races, classes and alignments. As my friend geekgirlsmash pointed out (who you *must* follow on Tumblr if you're a fat geek who sometimes like girly stuff), it's best to pick up the sampler (aka Imp's Ears) to figure out which go best with the person who wears it.

Sarah said...

Drool. I wish. I just came over from RedditLacqueristas, and now you're going into my RSS feed. I would love for these to be real, especially the Doctor Who series. Tardis Blue and Sonic Screwdriver... Amazing!

Anonymous said...

What is the color nail polish for the doctor who set

Amy Doucette said...

I'm so sad that these don't exsist in real life!

Karina said...

But, OPI does have a Muppet line:

Jennifer Petitt said...

im so mad i really thought these was real then once i looked for them i went back and actually read the thing and found that they wasnt real

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

Why would you put an image of a Weeping Angel on the box?! Now we're all doomed!