Friday, August 26, 2011

Geeks Celebrate

You think you get out, you shake off the last clinging tendrils, vaporize the remaining viruses, and scrub off the taint but just when you think you're safe it rears its tulle covered head and sucks you back in.

I speak, of course, of the wedding industry. AKA Big White, Mr. & Mrs. or "Give us all your damn money."

One day I got a little contact from Marie Porter of Celebration Generation - purveyor of boozy and cakey cookbooks. 

Normally if anyone else had approached me about anything "w" related I'd have run screaming only looking back to tip over furniture and maybe throw a chicken or two, but she threw in that auspicious word that glued me in my tracks: "geek."

So, ladies, gents and anyone else who wandered in here looking for the bathroom I am pleased to announce that I now have a weekly wedding blurb over at Geeks Celebrate where I shall display my obsidian sharp wit and love of all things nerdy with pretty pictures and a handful of pun filled sentences.

Mostly by sharing color swatches of nerdy things and making terrible jokes, like this:

You've waded through life and quest and flirted with the little red-haired girl, the blonde assassin, the swamp witch, the cheese lover, the pirate queen, the angsty Tevinter elf, the adorable blood mage, the moody rebel with feathered pauldrons, and for some reason the Golem (I don't want to know). Now you're ready to make your choice and settle down. What better way than with a heavy Red & Black & Ichor colored wedding?
These little glimpses into nerdly life with pretty pictures and inside jokes will be appearing every Friday at Geek Celebrates until either I run out of nerdy things or the world implodes. Six of one, half dozen of another.

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