Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

After 364 days of toiling and troubling it's finally here, the last witching hour.


I mean, Yay! So happy and . . .

Okay so after finishing up the last of pumpkin carving yesterday as I was sitting down with a cool glass of apple cider and watching my raven dance in the candle light I started to feel the icy prick of the rhinovirus' claw upon my throat.

About every home and store bought remedy later and here I am in this early morn knee deep in late fall cold territory, dreading all of the decorating that we stupidly put off for today. This isn't the first time I've gotten sick around Halloween, but at least last time it held off until the day after. Exactly the day after in fact.

But ignore me, I'm sure you're just here for pictures. Sadly we don't have many/anything yet. I can show off pumpkins though.

This is the first year my husband wanted to try sculpting a pumpkin (too much Halloween Wars rots the brain apparently):
I had some insane plan to paint one of my tree forests then carve around it with the Dremel. I was coated from head to toe in tiny pumpkin guts flung about like blood on the set of Dexter.

At one point I even rigged up a makeshift smock by cutting three holes into a trash bag. I had to stop when my glasses got so coated I couldn't see.

This is why I leave the carving/sculpting stuff to my husband and sit happily in my paint room slapping pigment on canvas.
And because we still have one pumpkin left I carved out the dragon from Dragon Age, painted a bit of red around it and called it good.

Pumpkin carving does not condone itself well to mid 60 temps, the things were getting gooey and rotting so fast you could feel it while slicing into the bloody thing.

Happy Halloween. Now where'd I put that pseudoephedrine?

Edited to add: Even though I'm still dragging godzilla tail I decided to put my makeup skills to work today:

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