Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dragon Age II Valentines

Someone asked me if I was going to do some valentines for Dragon Age 2 this year.

My response was "Try and stop me. No really, I fear for my sanity."

Alas no one thought to stop me so here are seven companion, free to print off for all valentines.

Use them sparingly lest you accidentally unleash the Old Gods.

I could have made about thirty different Isabela ones if I had time.
Oh Anders, always such a romantic.
I spent way too much time trying to get the "tattoos" to look like they were glowing and of course you can barely tell.
I couldn't find any copper reliefs of marigolds so I made my own.
A Varric one simply isn't the same without Bianca.
And finally Sebastians, I fear you can still tell how little I care for him. Shut up, Sebastian!
But if you still want some of the Originals - including old Anders - beneath the cut are all of the ones from last year. You can practically canvas a neighborhood with love and nerdiness with all the Valentine's I've made.

My favorite -

Happy Gather Dust By the Suit of Armor and that really weird pile of rusty tools no one's certain what they were for!

If you want any Mass Effect Valentines, I have a pile here.

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