Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pin to the E to the Rest

As a few of you may be somewhat aware of I make a lot of pictures.

If I'm not photographing things, I'm photoshopping them, and if I'm not photographing or photoshopping them I'm painting them and then photographing and photoshopping them. Then I stop for a light lunch, maybe have a pickle.

But the point is there are a lot of pixels I've manipulated into some form and shared across this wide vast net of tubes and clogged drains.

So, despite my misanthropic tendencies, I decided to finally join Pineterest.

The first thing you notice upon signing up is a noticeable lack of Pine, there isn't even a spruce propped up in the corner. Then you finally look hard at the scrawled title and realize "Oh, it's a pin! Pin te Rest. Is that latin for food and fashion porn or something?"

And what is the point of Pin te Rest? To pin things, naturally.

The first Pin ne Rest didn't have much luck in the late 80's when the innovator looked upon his world and thought, I want to remember this moment forever. So, naturally, he pulled out a giant set of hat pins and tried to adhere everything in place.

After getting savagely kicked by a seagull PenneRest was put on the back burner until someone else had hired out all those internet/social media/mad seagull kinks.

If you sign up for an invite (and get one after a few days), you're given a little button for your browsers task bar so now you're free to frolic across the internet dredging up long forgotten lore, ancient rituals, and cupcake recipes no one in their right mind would make.

Those various images you then pin onto boards, to display to the wide world of your handful of friends and that one spam bot that follows everyone. Typical social media jump off point really, you start off with 5 maybe 10 people listening to your mad ramblings, and then, with time and effort, suddenly you've got over 1000 people following you around asking for directions and if they can go the bathroom.

But then I made my adorable baby animals board:
It was something I wanted for when the day has been not so kind and I simply want to stare at little animals sleeping, eating, or plotting world domination. You know, typical baby things.

It was all rather quiet until I posted this tiny Koala picture and then suddenly my inbox exploded in pinbone e-mails!
I've had a few of my nerdy images get 10 or so repins, a painting here or there, but nothing like the baby animals.

So, my advice for someone trying to get into the PinonSteering is to have fun, be polite, and share a shit ton of baby pictures of little marsupials clutched in someones hand.

And if you want to friend/follow/thumbs up/hug/adhere a remora fish to, here's my profile.

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