Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Study in Green and Red and Orange and what else ya got?

I've been painting a lot lately. The biggest reason I've been painting a lot is to hide from editing. I keep hoping that if I don't acknowledge it, it'll get tired of being ignored and just do itself. So far this plan isn't going as well as I'd hoped.

But, you wanted to see new paintings and are probably ignoring everything I'm typing here anyway. Ham water!

This one I wanted to do some green work. Green can be tricky as it's easy to push from a nice shade to ugly without trying:

It's for that give me money thing here.

Then we got hit by a heatwave and I was sitting outside late at night throwing a dampened tennis ball by the glow of the mosquito coil. So this painting jumped into my head, sort of:
That's also up for exchanging goods for currency.

And for the last one I broke from my typical cool color palette. I haven't decided if it's a sunrise or a sunset. But I like to ask people just to watch them squirm.
 Sunny setting rise tree for trade here.

I still have about three pieces of canvas left before I have to get serious about that editing stuff. I guess.


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