Thursday, March 1, 2012

Two New Trees

For whatever reason I've been on a bit of a painting bender lately (which means I've been making them not that I've been shredding them on top of my morning cereal). Long dormant synapses have been firing pushing me to focus that creative energy that should be spent editing that ol' 100,000 words or so I have cluttering up my hard drive into pigments and canvas.

This is only a problem when I want to try to accomplish something specific, normally I just strap myself in and hang on for the ride.

The first tree is a silhouette by a humongous pizza pie, I mean moon. I need to stop confusing the two.

It's another 12X12 one that I'm selling so I can afford new canvas to make more paintings. I'm rather proud of the moon and the blend of fractured blues.

The other is a very rare 18X24 tree. I say rare because I hate having to clear off my painting table to be able to make these suckers.
It's also actually listed for sale because for some reason I've been on the ball with this.

If you like my trees but not these two specifically there are a few others floating around in my store and I'll do just about anything on commission provided I can still wear a turkey hat while doing it.

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