Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Haul

Without a mage staff to keep me occupied I turned my attention this weekend back to the more classic putting paint to canvas as opposed to slopping it all over some latex abomination I cobbled together in my kitchen.

Considering how in the Frankenstein book all you know is that the doctor does all his work in his apartment, I like to think he relied on his tiny kitchen for most of the delicate stitching and did the dirty work in his bath tub. Maybe kept a few extra hands floating in a punch bowl.

But there I go off topic. Paintings, right.

The first was another old tree one, this one with a moon and shining and it seems to be almost impossible to photograph. Black's a tricky thing at times, all that no letting light in and brooding in the corner.

I have that one up for sale here, though for now it broods on my wall.

The other was born of a night when I finally talked my husband into started Mass Effect 2 and I needed to paint something.


And out came this little space dodad.
I've actually got that one listed too because I've been on the ball with this stuff as of late.

Well, I guess that's it. I should probably go comet all the blood stains off the linoleum anyway, Frankie said he should be done with the laundry room soon.

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