Monday, August 27, 2012

An Eldritch Ornament

The problem with "making things™" is that I need to run a little ahead of the normal person's holiday schedule.

I have to start my nerdy Valentines as soon as we've sobered up from New Years and hidden all the pickled herring.

My eyes are set on late October just as the hot breath of Summer begins to bear down upon us. (okay I'd do that even if I wasn't neck deep in corpsing)

And Christmas has to begin prior to the final death of the hot lady. Thus today I bring you my first ever crafted all by myself ornament featuring Cthulhu himself.

Like all young gods, he began his life as little more than a larva with a head:
My face screams "Dear god what have I gotten myself into?"

Arms, legs, and a box all grew out of larval Cthulhu. He also got his legs caught in some kind of radioactive pool that dissolved his feet.
There are some who say the wings drove me mad. But they're the wing ones! ahHaaHaaAAha!
Originally I wanted Cthulhu to be tying a bow onto the present but then I realized that ripping one open was more apropos. Also hands. Now I had to do hands. Gods, anything but hands!
Never trust a person who says they like hands, they're lying. Or planing on stealing yours for an elaborate jewel heist to leave behind your fingerprints. Either way, back away slowly.
Lil Cthulhu got some eyeballs and some feet. Hard to inflict horrors without the feet, eyeballs are optional.

To make the wings stop drooping off I relied upon my heat gun, which I realized I have never once taken off the low setting. I assume setting it to high would cause me to set time itself aflame. I'm saving that for my birthday.
After much smoothing, shaping, heat blasting, brain surgery, and tucking tin foil under his droopy bits, lil Cthulhu was ready for the oven.

Spoiler Alert: He survived.

Next up, painting.
I went dark, really dark. Also I gave him pupils but I wasn't wild about that. So I pulled the dark a much shinier green and got rid of the pupils.
I did other things too, lots of other little things I'm sure no one would notice.

Final touchups on the present and around Cthulhu himself, like painting his bottom hence why he's in such a relaxed state here.
And that's how I gave rise to Lil Cthulhu, the most adorable Eldritch God you can hang on your tree.
 He's already got a new home, but I've begun work on a new ornament idea that I can hopefully finish before stores finally get their Halloween stuff out.
Can't stop the march of time, at least until I change my heat gun settings.

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