Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Couple Skulls

To go with the other three trophies I also had to create a "Couple Costume" one.

 I wanted to do something different so instead of latexing faces onto skulls I just added the skulls.

There aren't really any making of pictures, you're welcome.
I painted the skulls to age them a bit and I created the vertebrae with tin foil and latex. Dear god, if I ever say "Oooh, let's go make some vertebrae." please shoot me. Those things were harder to work with than an entire demon face.

You'll also notice I finally painted the base. A nice mix of black, white and grey painted dabbed on with paper towel. Sometimes the simplest approach works best.

 To finish up the couple I thought I'd try adding some spiderwebs but I'm still not wild about it.

Here are the other three trophies with bases that are looking less one dimensional, as well as some coins for the pirate, a skeleton for the demon, and a spider in her hat ribbon for the witch.
Perhaps the best part is tonight my husband will take them away to our Halloween club's headquarters so I won't have to think about them ever again.

Ah, I love when I can finish a project and move on to the next.

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